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A quality learning center located in Vallejo, CA - a truly new, innovative and affordable concept in childcare.

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Our Activities


As a form of expression, children sing, play rhythm instruments, listen, and dance to a variety of musical styles.


The children learn about the earth and its features and how those features affect human life. They also learn about the human activities on earth in political geography. They learn that people all over the world satisfy the same basic needs (shelter, nutrition, transportation) in a variety of ways.


Language is a spontaneous acquisition for children. Language is a primary means of communication, and the child is given many varied experiences and "labels" that enrich vocabulary. Children learn letter sounds and beginning reading with little effort during the appropriate sensitive period.


The sensorial materials are designed to refine the child's senses in distinguishing visual cues of size, shape and color, tactile cues of texture, weight and temperature, and auditory, olfactory and gustatory cues. Maria Montessori called the beautiful, precise, sensorial materials "Materialized abstraction. " Isolating one sensorial quality at a time, these materials allow children to create order, concentration, coordination, and independence and the ability to make finer and finer distinctions in observing the world.


The young child with an absorbent mind has been taking in information about everything in the environment. The Montessori lessons extend these experiences and help the children classify their observations. As they are presented with the big picture, they discover the relationships between things, not just isolate details.


The Montessori materials introduce the children to the concepts of quantity, symbols, place value, fractions, and geometry through sensory-motor experiences.


The bilingual teachers introduce the Spanish language in both formal and informal instructions. The older children (Mariposa room) have a 30 minute lesson Monday thru Friday.

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